About Us

About Us

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Tri-County Area Chamber of Commerce is to promote and advance the interests of the Tri-County Area business community. These goals will be accomplished by encouraging growth of existing business and industries, providing assistance to new firms or individuals seeking to locate in this area, and advocating legislative and political actions beneficial to the business or general community. The chamber will also support and encourage those cultural and civic activities which improve or expand the quality of life in our area.


These committees meet monthly and will have an annual plan of work to be implemented by the committee members and approved by the Board of Directors. If you are interested in working with any of these different areas please call the Chamber office for meeting dates and times.

DSC_0572Public Relations Committee:

This committee will become “experts” on the Chamber mission and become very familiar with the work plans of the organization in order to educate members as well as the public through speaking engagements and presentations. Other responsibilities include ribbon cuttings, first dollars, and organizing the annual meeting.

Fund-raisers Committee:

The primary responsibility of this committee is to plan and conduct annual fund-raising activities of the Chamber and to ensure that adequate funding is available at all times.

Convention and Visitors Bureau:

Tourism is the largest industry in Kansas. This committee will create opportunities to attract visitors and tourists. Specifically they will identify current events and dovetail where possible, search out publications to advertise in, and target a major event to develop and expand each year.

Membership/Leadership Development:

The recruitment of new members and retention of current members is critical to the Chamber organization. Much of the success and viability of the Chamber will depend on its ability to recruit and develop new leadership. This will be an intense, ongoing effort that requires diligent work all year.

Executive Committee:

The officers of the Board will meet as needed to complete their plan of work to see the budget is secured, provide for an annual audit, and respond to unforeseen happenings as needed.

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